tight grip, it makes me feel safe
2021, HD video with 3D animations and sound, duration 21 min, 11 sec

Work comissioned by the Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, and JCDecaux Lithuania 

Exhibition: Tarpai (Spaces), Composers House, Vilnius, Sep 17 - Oct 31, 2021

Creative direction: Deividas Vytautas and Gloria Regotz / Performers: Gloria Regotz, Deividas Vytautas, Thomas Strobel, Mathis Roteszimme, Mîran, Reyna Deyna / Cinematography: Lexi Sun / Sound design: Reyna Deyn / 3D animations: Jay Darlington / Prosthetics: Gloria Regotz / Make up: Una Ryu / Graphic designer: Elliot Fry